A happy anniversary

One year ago today the wonderful Dr. Matthew Patton of New Mexico Orthopaedics operated on my left wrist to repair the radius bone that was smooshed out of place when I broke it.

I came out of surgery with a titanium plate in my wrist — I’m bionic!

I don’t plan to bore you with all the details I’ve already bored you with so I’ll just say:

Everything I could do before the break, I can do now. All, absolutely every last micro-inch, of my reach is back (& maybe I have just one or two more micro–inches; a stretch in Sweet Home Chicago is a teeny bit more do-able now than it was when I recorded it). (And this is thanks not only to Dr. Patton but also to Olga Sacasa, my fabulous physical therapist; plus, of course, regular piano playing.)

I cannot do a handstand yet; just like I couldn’t do a handstand before I broke my wrist. Apparently becoming bionic doesn’t necessarily confer powers heretofore unpossessed!

This is a happy happy anniversary for me.

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