And then there was one

Forest Green (the penultimate solo to be print-published from A Handfull of Quietness CD) is available. Finally.

You may recall me crowing about writing it down. Well, the editing of it was tougher than I expected. All those 16th notes!! I was just ready to place it in the store, when I discovered that I had some incorrect notes in the easy part of the left hand. Aargh! Apparently I’m still having challenges with the right-brain-to-left-brain, automatic-to-explicit transition.

Still, Forest Green is notated & published as pdf sheet music, and I can dream that some excellent pianist somewhere falls in love with it and decides to show how it should be performed!*

All that remains to publish from Handfull is Bells, the Veil & Victory. HAPPY DANCE!!!

* And along those lines, anyone who ever plays this little arrangement of Forest Green has my explicit permission to remove as many repeats from the final section as you like. Because… sanity.

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