Life According to Piano

Been Busy

I broke my left leg in April — you may have seen that on Facebook. It is fairly irrelevant here, except:

While I was laid up, I edited and published Verbs, Book 2. I have such an allergic reaction to notation that even though it was all notated already (since after all I composed it for Keith to perform and in fulfillment of a commission, which required a score to be submitted), it still took me ages to commit to it in print.

Anyway, Verbs, Book 2 includes preludes for the following verbs: Beckon, Insist, Murmur, Tease, Tangle, Snap, Shatter, Bloom, Bounce, Reflect, Release, and Bless.

(I don’t have to remember the list or the order anymore, either; I can just open the book and type away! How much lazier can I get?!)

These are all for left hand alone. It is a different set of challenges for the pianist (and for the composer too), creating music that is multi-layered from the playing of just one hand.

[So far, to the best of my knowledge, when Keith has performed them, the clapping has still been with two hands, so we do not yet know the sound of one hand clapping, even though we hear many many sounds of one hand playing. Just thought you would like to know that.]

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