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Release Party for Drivin’! Don’t all faint!

At long last, Drivin’! gets an actual release party!

That’s unexpected, isn’t it?! *

Still, it’s a wonderful CD (I say it, who should not?) and it’s my most summer-y CD, so ... a summer release!

CD release party2

New art on the theme of Earth’s Bounty will also be on display and available for purchase. As will, of course, ALL of my CDs. Sheet music, too, if you like. Refreshments, me playing Drivin’! selections on keyboard, artists galore, and just a general good time.

Do join us, we’d all love to see you!

*Hey, I wasn’t planning to break my wrist! (And then totally forget I had a new release.) No matter what people are talking about me!

Continuing notation adventures

Wherein I am tempted to write, “Notation is hard!” and leave it at that.

Except that it’s not. Figuring out what I play is hard. Yet again, the fact that when I play music I’ve created for myself, my knowledge of the music is essentially pre-verbal, interferes with the notation of the music. I don’t actually k-n-o-w what I play, without playing it.

Let me back up just a bit. When I’m making up music for me, I tend to improvise on the piano and I only notate passages that are too hard to remember for practicing. I think I must have had a better memory before, because I really didn’t sketch anything from A Handfull of Quietness when I was making up that music. I have most of it notated now, and my goal is an actual hold-it-in-your-hand book of those pieces by early autumn. So, notating I am.

Yesterday, while fiddling around with the look of my website (oh, you’ve noticed, have you? Expect more fiddlings!), I noticed that I hadn’t yet published Veni Creator Spiritus. And then I woke up at 3 am thinking, “Yes, I have too written down Veni. Where did it go?” So I went looking for it in my files this morning, and found all the notes neatly transcribed but not edited.

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