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Verbs premiere

Last year my friend Keith Snell, who is just a wonderful pianist, requested that I compose a set of preludes for left-hand alone for him. I’ve written 12 (of 24 total) and the music is called Verbs. Each piece is a portrayal of a different verb (wow — bet I surprised you with that one!). The 12 verbs in the first set are: Wait, Begin, Crackle, Weave, Fling, Drift, Play, Accuse, Push, Forgive, Zoom, and Close.

This is my first project composing for another pianist, and I’m thrilled that Keith is premiering Verbs next week, Friday night, November 9th, at the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico state conference in Farmington. (If you are in the area, the cost is only $10 for a fantastic evening of music.)

And even more, I’m thrilled that Keith likes the music I’ve written for him. We’ll be searching for a publisher (I’m working on editing the score now) and of course — I have 12 more to compose!

Grace & peace to you,


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