I’m writing down all the music from A Handfull of Quietness. I have 4 pieces to go. One of them, the one I’m trying to notate this week & one of my very best arrangements, is Veni Creator Spiritus. It can be powerfully moving and I believe someone will want to be able to play it. So far, so good.

Except, I write them down by playing them to remember the notes. And guess what: I haven’t played Veni Creator Spiritus in several years (!!!) and ... I don’t remember the notes even when I’m trying to play them. That is, I don’t remember how to play it.

Really, there’s no excuse for this. I know what my story is — I’ve been very focused the last few years on getting out the repertory I had never recorded and on composing Verbs for Keith — and that’s a nice story, but it’s no excuse.

Happily, the piece is recorded and I have a good ear. Also, I found in my manuscript books several pages where I had written out part of Veni. The easy part, alas! Right where the playing becomes quite busy, and the music quite intense, I just stopped. I guess I couldn’t face it then.

I’m made of sterner stuff now. (Thanks, Keith! Your idea of having me compose a whole bunch of music for you so I’d have to be writing it down worked!) I have been listening and listening and listening, and I have all but 16 measures notated. AND I have a secret weapon: Alan has “the Amazing Slow Downer” software that will slow the music down without changing its pitch. So tomorrow I’ll be able to hear that rush of notes at a tempo where I can make out the individual sonorities.

Boy, did I luck out.

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