Greenwood Tree, part 3: recapitulation

First, some news: my new CD, Under the Greenwood Tree, is back in stock at CDBaby.

And, since the temporary “out of stock” situation was a sort of glitch (a happy one, but still a glitch), I’m extending the “new release”  discount pricing for multiple copies another full week, until midnight, Sunday October 18. So now is when to stock up on those extra copies you will want to give away to friends and family.

Under the Greenwood Tree is filled with music that is both intricate and still, music I call a doorway to silence.

On Under the Greenwood Tree, the piece that is most calming for me to play, the one that settles me down and smooths out any wrinkles in my heart, is the newest one, Love Like the Earth.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I was not anticipating this piece: I thought the music for the CD was completed several months before I created Love Like the Earth.

Love Like the Earth came to me because I was wanting to hear a particular sound: chords with the kind of voicing that Beethoven used, a voicing that is not well suited to our modern pianos (an essay for another day!). Once I heard those chords, the very opening of the piece, I understood what my heart wanted to hear: something rich, full, warm, and very grounded, always present, always supportive; constancy, strength, kindness.

Other pieces on the CD carry different qualities for me, and I suspect that each piece will create different associations for you. All of them, from Wings on the Breeze to Under the Greenwood Tree, are rich with stillness and will settle your environment whenever you listen to them. You can listen to samples of this music here and begin to discover what the stillness in this music will bring to you.

Right now, and for another week, I am offering a discount for purchasing multiple copies of Under the Greenwood Tree. This is the time to think of your friends!

May you have music all your days,


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