I have in my hands (well, not immediately in my hands, as I am typing; but on the piano, which is the same thing as far as I’m concerned) the notes to Lazy K, notating which has been flummoxing me lo these many months.

Some of the notes are wrong, of course, but that will be taken care of (I hope) in the upcoming umptyzillion edit passes.

[Aside: as we all know, the best proof-reading is done by someone other than the writer. On the other hand, no one else knows this music, so I’m the only proof-reader & editor I’ve got. This is why, on occasion, you might catch me re-uploading a piece of sheet music and sending out corrections to its previous purchasers.]

I have played Lazy K for so many years, and even recorded it twice, that not only all my usual right-brain/left-brain issues got in there (short form: I only know what I’m playing by sound and by feel — right-brain stuff — and only rarely by anything useful for notation — the left-brain stuff); but also I play it in several different ways, so which is “the way” to notate?

Well, I’ve notated it the way I play it today, and I’ll proof & edit it against how I recorded it on Drivin’! That should result in a very playable hybrid. (Hey, at least I’m not going to send different versions of it to all my friends, as Chopin did with some of the mazurkas.) Lazy K begs for true freedom in performance anyway, so maybe there isn’t a “definitive” version.

Still working on some other cool new music. All my newer music will have “definitive” versions, since now I write them down as I make them up; locking in the left-brain information as it emerges, as it were, before my right-brain mystifies everything.

That leaves room for me never to perform the “definitive” versions, of course, since my right-brain gets the last say when I’m actually playing piano.

We’re all confused, now, right? Progress.

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