Unprecedented second post in one day

Speaking of experiences, something else happened recently that was heart-warming, happy-making, and laughter-inducing, all at once.

About a week ago I received an email from a local man who purchased Under the Greenwood Tree last year. This man (who claims to be shy, so I’ll call him ... Eagle) pilots an ultralight around the area. He also loves Under the Greenwood Tree, and he wanted to tell me how he listens to my music. Some accompanies his siesta, but Wings on the Breeze is part of the mix of music he uses for flying. He said he’d fly over and “dip a wing in our direction” if I told him how to see our house from the air. Which I did of course.

So last Friday morning, there we were having breakfast and hearing something unusual outside, which grew louder and louder, until we realized that we were hearing Eagle’s plane. We ran out to the front yard and he passed above us (but not that high!) and dipped a wing. We jumped and waved and roared with laughter as Eagle circled our house. I’m pretty confident that he was listening to Wings on the Breeze just then. Nothing else would make sense, and Eagle is a man who makes sense.

I love what music brings me! I love when others love my music!!

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