I mentioned (here or on Facebook) last year when my right wrist was broken, how it astonished me that I was so very clumsy trying to whisk the breakfast eggs with my left hand.

I am quite right-handed, everywhere except the piano, where both my hands match each other in ability and flexibility. (And thank you to Geoff, who insisted I needed lots of left hand alone practice, lo those many years ago. It worked!)

So I believed that something like whisking, which is just a wrist action, would be easy to pick up with my left hand.


So awkward. So clumsy. So slow. It was a touch mortifying. (Yes: first-world problem, for sure. I am very fortunate that unskilled whisking is the kind of issue I have in my life, and I do appreciate that.)

Once my right wrist was healed, I was happy to return to right-handed whisking; a more timely breakfast being the main consideration. But a stubborn part of me has kept up the occasional left hand practice of whisking. (Old voices: “Left hand practice! Left hand practice!” Thanks again, Geoff.)

I am here today just to mention that my left hand is now about 80% as skillful as my right hand when it comes to whisking. At least 3 times as handy as it used to be with a whisk. A win! I’m aiming for 100%, of course. I’ll let you know when I get there.

And surely my piano playing is better because of it. Of course.

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