Who am I, really?

When my husband & I moved to New Mexico nine years ago, my intention was to focus more on composing. (Well, the complete goal was: put out the backlog of my solo pieces—which I have done—and then focus on composing.)

In February 2006, my friend and colleague Keith Porter-Snell offered me a wonderful compositional project.

Write a set of left hand preludes for me, one in each key, he said.

I can probably do that! I replied.

Thus, Verbs: 24 Preludes for Piano Left Hand.

From the first verb I composed in 2006—Begin, of course—to the additions I made to Push just a few weeks before Keith recorded the set in 2013, composing Verbs has inspired and challenged me in equal parts.

For a while in 2008 I even developed a case of writer’s block, possibly the first one in my life. I had a commission from PMTNM & the MTNA for the second 12 preludes, and I didn’t believe I’d ever think of another note.

That was not a happy month.

Bless and Tangle pulled me out of that swamp, which is at least part of the reason I love those two pieces so much.

But really, as is always the case, I love them all.

Even more do I love how Keith plays them.

Has a composer ever had a more lovingly & relentlessly focused performer than I found in Keith, for the Verbs?

Often I think he knows the pieces better than I do. Or, I know what they want to be, and Keith knows what they are.

Buy Verbs NOW

The CD recording of Verbs is finally available for purchase. Verbs is modern impressionism on the piano, a more “composed” sound than you might be used to from my solo recordings.  Which is only appropriate, come to think of it!

If you like my music, you will like Verbs, because Verbs is the best creating of music I have ever done: more intentional, more clear, more refined. AND it’s played by a fabulous pianist.

I learned, finally, that I am a composer, a creator of music. Will I record more CDs myself?  Yes, of course; I’m working on one right now. But I will no longer be limited to what I can play, or to piano, for that matter. Performing music is my joy, but creating music is my being.

I’ll leave you with the verb Bloom. I hope it inspires you to purchase the entire recording!

till next month,


Bloom, from Verbs, Book 2

PS: more about Verbs here.

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