Free Range Solos

Free Range

AKA: Singles!

These pieces previously appeared on the cassette Topaz and are now released digitally. Both of these singles are lively!

Both Free Range Solos are available at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon (links in sidebar) and can be heard on Spotify and Pandora.

Old Joe Clark

My (appropriately) very energetic arrangement of Old Joe Clark was on my very first recording, which was only released on cassette way back in the mists of time. However, I’ve had it in digital format for quite a while. And I have finally realized that I can release singles!

You have to love lively piano playing, and parallel chords; but if you do, then this will be a treat!


Invocation is actually my first true piano solo. It grew from an improvisation I created for the dance class I was accompanying way back in pre-history. The dancers’ movements were designed to challenge their balance, so I improvised music to challenge my balance.

Nearly a decade later I thought, “That was cool music, I wonder if I can do something with it?” 

Invocation is the result. It is a theme and variations, matching the phrases of the movement, and it becomes more challenging to play on every variation. Please don’t ask me to perform it without at least a month’s notice!

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